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The New York Times (4/19, ED12, Parker-Pope) reported that “although some children appear to outgrow” attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (AH/HD) “as they age, doctors say that as many as two-thirds have symptoms that persist into adulthood.” Now, “studies suggest that college students with AD/HD are at greater risk for academic and psychological difficulties, and have lower grade-point averages, than peers without the problem.” According to Mark H. Thomas, MD, of the University of Alabama, “We have found that there are a lot of significant barriers these students face.” Dr. Thomas explained, “When they come to college without the external supports of parents and teachers to keep them organized and on task, oftentimes they struggle mightily to get everything done that they need to get done.” Students may also face difficulties with their medications because of their schedules. Dr. Thomas says “the solution may be taking longer-acting treatments twice a day, or a combination of an extended-release and short-acting treatment.”

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