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The Washington Post (9/22, Ellison) reports that, according to a study published Sept. 9 in the Journal of the American Medical Association, there may be “a striking difference in the brain’s motivational machinery in people with” attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (AD/HD) symptoms. The study included “a group of healthy subjects” and “53 adults with AD/HD.” Researchers compared “detailed images of participants’ brains with positron emission tomography, or PET, scans after injecting them with a radioactive chemical that binds to dopamine receptors and transporters.” They found that “in people with AD/HD, the receptors and transporters aradhde significantly less abundant in mid-brain structures composing the so-called reward pathway, which is involved in associating stimuli with pleasurable expectations.” Researchers “speculated that people with AD/HD may even have a net deficit of dopamine.”


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