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Risperdal_tabletsOn the front of its Marketplace section, the Wall Street Journal (5/18, B1, Armstrong) reports a deceleration in the increase of antipsychotic-medication “prescriptions for children…as state Medicaid agencies heighten their scrutiny of usage,” and physicians “grow more wary of the powerful” medicines. The softening “sales for children is the first sign that litigation, reaction to improper marketing tactics, and concern about side effects may be affecting what had been a fast-growing children’s drug segment.” Data from medical market research company SDI Health indicate that “antipsychotic prescriptions for children under 18 rose 5.2 percent between 2007 and 2008, compared with an increase of 8.73 percent in the year-earlier period,” with the “slowdown” being “more pronounced among younger children.” But, some psychiatrists “who treat children with serious and dangerous behavioral problems” now “worry that misconceptions about” antipsychotics “will prompt some parents or doctors to balk at their use.” Psychiatrist Louis Kraus, MD, said, “For those children who are seriously mentally ill…the benefits far outweigh the side effects.”

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