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Florida’s St. Petersburg Times (2/13) editorializes, “The number of soldiers who killed themselves rose to 128 in 2008, the highest number in a single year since the invasion of Iraq in 2003.” Now, some “advocates for military personnel argue that not enough is being done, and some top Army officials agree.” The Army plans “to conduct a ‘stand-down,’ a day focused on recognizing suicidal tendencies and removing obstacles” preventing “soldiers from getting help.” In addition, “personnel will be trained to spot signs of suicidal behavior, and chaplains will become directly involved for the first time.” The Army is also “collaborating with the National Institute of Mental Health in a five-year project to identify the causes of suicide.” Despite these efforts, “many serious problems remain,” foremost of which is the Army’s “warrior culture.” Therefore, “President Obama and Congress should help convince the Army’s top brass that soldiers’ mental health should be a top priority.”

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