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bdnfHealthDay (5/28, Preidt) reported that, according to a study published online May 28 in the journal Science, “a naturally occurring protein” called brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF) “plays a role in the disrupted functioning of the brain’s reward circuitry seen in people with drug and alcohol dependence.” In the study, researchers from the University of Toronto and Brigham Young University “found that a single injection of BDNF made rats behave as if they were dependent on opiates, even though they’d never been given the drugs.” The team “also found that the BDNF injections in the rats caused certain chemicals that normally inhibit neurons in the brain’s reward circuitry to excite neurons, which is what happens when people become dependent on drugs.” The authors suggested that “BDNF plays a major role in inducing drug dependency.”

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