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UPI (3/4) reports that a study in the journal Sleep links “sleep to attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder.” For the study, Canadian researchers monitored “15 ADHD children and 23 controls controlled for many confounding factors” and found that “average total sleep time was 33 minutes shorter in ADHD children than in controls. Average rapid eye movement sleep time was also reduced in children with ADHD by 16 minutes.” Lead author Reut Gruber of the Douglas Mental Health University Institute said, “I do not believe that sleep per se is the cause of ADHD but it may make the symptoms worse in children with sleep problems.” Gruber added, “There are reports in the literature in which treating sleep problems led to improvement in ADHD symptoms but I suspect that these results were seen in children with sleep apnea. More research needs to be done in order to determine if sleep affects ADHD children with no primary sleep disorder.”

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