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BBC News (1/22) reports that a team at Britain’s Institute of Child Health said that children diagnosed with autism “have severe versions of character traits probably shared by millions of others.” In fact, a study of 8,000 children by the institute “found even these mild traits could impair development.” While “a relatively small number of children — approximately 116 per 10,000 — are said to have an autistic disorder,” the study published in the Journal of the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry “provides further evidence that the same traits do not begin and end there, but continue…into the whole population of children, just at a level which does not lead parents to seek medical help.” Researchers said that “seeing autism as a ‘distinct illness’ was probably wrong.” In an editorial accompanying the study, “John Constantino, M.D., from Washington University, said that the idea that autism represented the ‘severe end’ of a natural distribution of abilities could help scientists looking for the genetics underlying the condition, or for ways to treat it.”

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Kids say the darndest things…and sometimes they fool the adults.


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