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The U.K.’s Telegraph (1/14, Devlin) reports that, according to a study published in the journal Personality and Individual Differences, “drinking just three cups of brewed coffee a day can triple the chances of suffering from hallucinations,” and “even moderate amounts of the stimulant” caffeine “can lead people to hear voices and see things that are not there.” Researchers from the U.K.’s Durham University “warn that ‘high caffeine users'” may be at “increased risk.”
        For the study, the investigators “asked 219 students to document their caffeine intake, working on the principle that a cup of instant coffee contains 45 mg of caffeine,” the U.K.’s Daily Mail (1/14) adds. “Healthy young men and women who had more than seven cups of instant coffee a day were three times more likely to hear or see things that were not there than those who limited their intake to less than a cup.” In fact, “large amounts of caffeine also made people more likely to think they could sense the presence of ghosts.” The team theorized that “caffeine boosts levels of cortisol, a stress hormone,” and suggested that “confirming the link could lead to new treatments for those who suffer severe hallucinations, including” people with schizophrenia, “some victims of child abuse, and the recently bereaved.” Bloomberg News (1/14, Kresge), Canada’s CTV (1/14), and the U.K.’s Press Association (1/14) also cover the story.

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