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Newsweek (12/29, Bennett) reported that “for the millions…who hurt themselves intentionally,” what starts as an impulse and “a moment of relief becomes a secret habit — a need for pain that medical science doesn’t fully understand and can treat with only mixed success.”  Currently, “self-injury of any kind does not appear in the” American Psychiatric Association’s Diagnostic and Statistical Manual (DSM) “as a diagnosable disorder,” but is instead “a symptom of a larger problem.”  According to clinical psychologist Wendy Lader, “people who harm themselves almost always suffer from larger mental conditions, often the result of emotional trauma.”  Mental-health professionals, “who treat people who harm themselves, say that getting to the root of the problem — the emotion that’s causing the urge to injure — is at the heart of any recovery process.”  The article focused primarily on the experiences of Becki Begnato, who began cutting at age 13.  Now in college, Begnato is recovering after “years of treatment.”

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