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GlucoseMedscape (6/4, Cassels) reported that, according to a study presented at the American Psychiatric Association annual meeting, “major depressive disorder (MDD) is associated with impaired glucose tolerance.” For the study, researchers from the Bergen Regional Medical Center, in Paramus, NJ, “conducted a retrospective chart review among approximately 200 patients with a diagnosis of MDD who had been admitted to the Bergen Regional Medical Center between January and December 2007. Patients” who were “diagnosed with diabetes, coronary artery disease, or obesity were excluded from the study.” The team found that “21.12 percent of MDD patients had high fasting plasma glucose levels of >100 mg/dL and that 13.93 percent had fasting blood glucose levels between 90 and 99 mg/dL.” Notably, “approximately 35 percent of these depressed patients had impaired glucose-tolerance levels.” While “diabetes in the general population is about six…to seven percent,” in “individuals with depression, it is” approximately “21…to 22 percent,” the authors said.


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