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MedWire (3/20, Davenport) reported that, according to a study published in the International Journal of Geriatric Psychiatry, nearly “a third of older adults with mood disorders use orally ingested herbal and nutritional compounds (HNC).” For the study, researchers from the Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine “administered a questionnaire to 50 older bipolar disorder patients and 50 older major depression patients on their use of orally ingested HNC in the previous three months, their perspective on the efficacy and safety of HNC, and their discussions with healthcare providers.” The team found that “orally ingested HNC were used by 30 percent of the patients, at 16 percent of major depression patients and 44 percent of bipolar disorder patients.” Notably, “29 percent of patients admitted to using HNC in addition to prescribed medications, while 64 percent of patients had not discussed HNC use with their doctor.” The authors concluded, “Clinicians need to actively seek information about possible use of HNC.”

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