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autism_ribbonTime (5/4, Wallis) reported that researchers are identifying “the signs of autism at ever earlier ages.” According to psychologist Wendy Stone, of Vanderbilt University’s Treatment and Research Institute for Autism Spectrum Disorders, “the average age of first concern is 17 months, though a diagnosis isn’t typically made until age three.” Researchers are now “identifying the signs of autism before age two” by “the absence of typical behavior, as opposed to the presence of aberrations.” For example, “among the telltale signs of trouble at 12 months: not responding to one’s name; not sharing interests through pointing and eye gaze; lack of joyful expression; an absence of babbling; difficulty establishing eye contact; and staring too long at inanimate objects.” Parents should know, however, that “no single behavior is indicative, and researchers believe that rather than being given a definitive diagnosis, tots with several of these behaviors should be identified as ‘at risk’ and referred to early-intervention programs.”


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