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Writing in the Mind column on the front of the New York Times (4/7, D1) Science Times section, Benedict Carey observes that, while “the fine art of keeping up appearances may seem shallow and deceitful, the very embodiment of denial…many psychologists beg to differ.” Instead, they say, “to the extent that it sustains good habits and reflects personal pride…this kind of play-acting can be an extremely effective social strategy, especially in uncertain times.” For “the short term, projecting pride may do more than help manage others’ impressions.” According to psychologists, “wearing a sad or happy face can have a top-down effect on how a person feels: Smile and you may feel fleetingly happier,” and the same may hold “true for an expression of pride,” which may bolster “perseverance. All of which may explain why, when the repo man is at the door, people so often remind themselves that they still have theirs, and that it’s worth something. Because they do, and because it is.” Carey concludes that “however much pride may go before a fall, it may be far more useful after one.”

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