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In an op-ed for the New York Times (3/6, A27), Anne Armstrong-Coben, MD, writes, “We have all heard about the wonderful ways in which electronic medical records are supposed to transform our broken healthcare system,” and the “recently passed federal stimulus package provides doctors and hospitals with $17 billion worth of incentive payments to switch to electronic records. The benefits may be real, but we should not sacrifice too much for them.” The computer, she argues, “depersonalizes medicine. It ignores nuances that we do not measure but clearly influence care.” Dr. Armstrong-Coben concludes that “before we embrace the inevitable, there should be more discussion and study of electronic records, or at a minimum acknowledgment of the downside.” She suggests that electronic records should perhaps “be kept only on tablet computers, allowing the provider to write or draw, and to face the patient.” Ultimately, “the personal relationships we build in primary care must remain a priority, because they are integral to improved health outcomes. Let us not forget this as we put keyboards and screens within the intimate walls of our medical homes.”

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