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The New York Times (9/29, D4, Wade) reports that a recent conference on aging at Harvard included Sirtris Pharmaceuticals, which “is developing” medicines “that mimic resveratrolresveratrol.” The chemical “has been found to activate proteins called sirtuins,” which “is thought to help the body ride out famines.” The company’s researchers think that doing that can strengthen “the body’s resistance to the diseases of aging.” Harvard Medical School researcher and Sirtris co-founder David Sinclair said that “in mice, sirtuin activators are effective against lung and colon cancer, melanoma, lymphoma, type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and Alzheimer’s disease.” Sirtris’ other co-founder, Christoph Westphal, predicts that “in five or six or seven years” medications will exist “that prolong longevity.”

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