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Time (3/31, Harrell) reported that, according to a study published the March issue of the Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology, Botox [botulinum toxin type A] may lift patients’ “spirits” by “literally wiping the frowns” off their faces. For the study, researchers from the UK’s University of Cardiff “followed 25 cosmetic-surgery patients, 12 of whom received injections of botulinum toxin A or similar neurotoxins, the others receiving fillers, peels, or other cosmetic treatments for wrinkles.” Two weeks after their treatments, “the patients filled out a Hospital Anxiety and Depression test — a self-screening questionnaire for depression and anxiety,” and “rated the success of their treatments.” The investigators found that “Botox patients scored much lower on measures of depression, anxiety, and irritability.” Notably, “there was no significant difference in how much their treatment made them feel attractive from those who had other treatments, suggesting that [the mood boost] wasn’t just” due “to a boost in self-confidence,” the authors said. They theorized that “facial muscles influence brain activity directly.”

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