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Adderall XRThe AP (10/2) reports, “Impax Laboratories Inc. said Thursday it started shipping a generic version of the attention-deficit/hyperactivity” (AD/HD) medication “Adderall XR [amphetamine, dextroamphetamine mixed salts], which is made by Shire PLC.” The company began “shipping Adderall XR capsules in doses of 5 milligrams, 10 milligrams, 15 milligrams, 20 milligrams, 25 milligrams, and 30 milligrams” after Impax and Shire reached a settlement in 2006 in which “Impax has the right to make an authorized generic version of the” medicine. Impax also has “the right to start selling its generic by Jan. 1, 2010.”


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