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According to an article in the WSJ , Melinda Beck┬ástates that many people are using omega-3 supplements to protect against various ailments, despite the fact that research on omega-3’s benefits is mixed. Recent research published in┬áJAMA suggests that omega-3 fatty acids do not protect against heart attacks, strokes or deaths. Some medical associations, including the American Psychiatric Association, recommend regular consumption of fish rich in omega-3 for most people. Still, according to Paul Coates, director of the Office of Dietary Supplements, “There is no single answer here.” Coates adds, “Given that there is a potential for benefit, and the harm has not yet been fully explored, at reasonable levels of intake, it’s not a bad idea.”


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A Los Angeles Times (3/23, Kaplan) piece discusses how “anxiety, depression, and stress” can “contribute to increased incidence of heart disease.” The piece then cites findings from several studies, most of which were published in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology (JACC). In one of these studies, “risk of cardiovascular disease and death rose by more than 50 percent among people with depression and anxiety.” In another study published in JACC, nearly “double the risk of heart attack or death was found in coronary artery disease patients with the highest level of anxiety.” And “among those patients, a 10 percent increased risk of heart attack or death was found in those whose anxiety rose over time.”

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