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Ohio_quarter,_reverse_side,_2002The Washington Post (8/11, Minnema) reported that the “quarter-life crisis, the 20-something version of a midlife crisis, in which sufferers struggle to establish their sense of identity and purpose,” is “not a new phenomenon.” But, “today’s young people seem to experience it more acutely than the young people who came before them.” Jeffrey Jensen Arnett, a research professor of psychology at Clark University, noted that “today’s college grads experience a longer period of transition to the settled-down stage,” lacking “a stable life structure with marriage and parenthood and stable work.” But, he added that “this transition period can be positive, with its opportunities for growth and adventure” in spite of “fears of failure or of being rapped by responsibilities.” Leslie Seppinni, MFT, PsyD, a marriage and family therapist and doctor of clinical psychology, urges “quarter-lifers” to “focus on what they can change,” noting that “it is…a time of being creative in getting yourself to do something out of your comfort zone.”

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