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The NPR (10/5, Hamilton) “Shots” blog reports that “scientists say they have figured out how an experimental drug called ketamine is able to relieve major depression in hours instead of weeks.” Ketamine is an FDA-approved anesthetic. It’s also a popular club drug that can produce out-of-body experiences and hallucinations. Not exactly what you’d want from a depression drug.  “It’s exciting,” says Ron Duman, a a psychiatarist and neurobiologist at Yale University. “The hope is that this new information about ketamine is really going to provide a whole array of new targets that can be developed that ultimately provide a much better way of treating depression.”  In stressed mice, a dose of ketamine was able to “rapidly increase  connections and also to rapidly reverse the deficits that are caused by stress,” Duman says.   Research is intended to produce drugs that will work like ketamine, but without the hallucinations.  Several of these alternative drugs are already being tried in people.


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