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The Wall Street Journal (2/24, Dorman) reported, “Pfizer Inc. has ended development of two late-stage drugs, as part of its previously stated strategy to allocate resources to higher-potential efforts, including pursuing additional uses for its blockbuster fibromyalgia drug Lyrica [pregabalin].” One of the medications, esreboxetine, “was…developed to treat fibromyalgia and the other [known as PD 332,334] was one for generalized anxiety disorder.” Pfizer “will continue to pursue Lyrica as a treatment for generalized anxiety disorder.” According to the AP (2/25, Johnson), “Neither compound had been seen as a likely blockbuster because other drugs to treat those conditions already are on the market.” The company “said it reviewed results from the first late-stage study for PD 332,334 and all the data for esreboxetine, ‘along with current market dynamics,’ before making the decision.” Pedro Lichtinger, president and general manager of Pfizer’s Primary Care Business Unit, said that “‘while confident in the safety of these compounds, we don’t believe that they provide significant benefit over other therapies’ on the market.”

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