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Reuters (10/26, Pittman) reports that according to a meta analysis of 64 studies published in the journal Addiction, the medications naltrexone (Revia) and acamprosate (Campral) may be good initial treatments of alcoholism. Both acamprosate and naltrexone tended to work better when patients had abstained from alcohol for at least a few days before starting the medications, or had been through a detox program.  Acamprosate is known to calm brain activity, so it can stabilize a brain that gets agitated when an alcoholic stops drinking. Naltrexone,  works on the brain’s reward and reinforcement system, so if people were to drink while on the drug, it would block some of the positive feelings produced by alcohol and keep them from overdoing it.


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The AP (http://tinyurl.com/vivitrol-for-opiate-addicts 11/16, Seaman) reported, “Alkermes, Inc. said a late-stage clinical trial” including 250 patients, demonstrates that its medication Vivitrol, an extended-release version of naltrexone, “which is used to help alcoholics quit drinking, also helped opioid addicts stay off drugs.” In fact, participants “who were injected with Vivitrol once per month were more likely to pass a urine test than patients who received a placebo injection,” the company said. In addition, the medicine “also met secondary goals, as” participants “reported a lower craving for drugs, and half of” them “were clean in at least 90 percent of their drug tests.”

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