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WebMD (4/13, Doheny) reported that, according to research published online Apr. 13 in PLoS-Biology and in March in Environmental and Health Perspectives, polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) appear to “adversely affect the development of brain cells and also make brain circuits ‘overexcited,’ which has been linked in previous research to developmental problems.” In their studies, researchers from the University of California-Davis Center for Children’s Environmental Health believe they “have identified the way in which a broad class of environmental contaminants influences the developing nervous system and may contribute to neuro-developmental impairments, such as hyperactivity, seizure disorders, and autism.” Working with rats, the team found that “exposures to low doses of PCBs…hampered their ability to learn to swim a maze,” and “adversely affected the plasticity of the animals’ dendrites,” which is “important for learning and memory.” Interestingly, exposure to lower doses appeared to be more damaging than exposure to higher doses of PCBs.

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