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USA Today (1/19, Vergano) reported that, with the inauguration of President Barack Obama, “the politics of science” now “heads for uncharted waters.” Now, “scientists are hopeful that Obama, who has called for increased research spending, will bring a new dawn.” Obama once stated, “My administration will value science. We will make decisions based on the facts, and we understand that facts demand bold action.” Two areas in which change may happen are “in the White House’s attitude toward global warming,” and in “research involving human embryonic stem cells,” in which “Obama has pledged to reverse Bush’s funding limits.” The Obama administration will also appoint members of the “roughly 1,000 scientific advisory committees, called the ‘fifth arm of government’ by Harvard science policy expert Sheila Jasanoff.” These committee members “can exert tremendous influence on government decisions,” such as “the ones advising the Food and Drug Administration on whether new drugs are safe for approval to the market.”

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