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081125_Recession_US_MapThe New York Times (5/18, BU11, Seligson) reports, “Amid high unemployment and layoffs, mental-health professionals are seeing a marked increase in the time they spend talking about career-related issues with patients.” These days, “many people are seeking guidance from therapists about how to confront the storm that has hit the job market and toppled their lives.” Therefore, “sessions are often becoming a mosaic of traditional therapy, loosely defined as more process-oriented and focused on the past, and of coaching, which tends to be more goal- and behavior-oriented.” According to Robert C. Chope, PhD, of “San Francisco State University and president of the employment counseling division of the American Counseling Association,” there is now “more recognition that job issues ‘have a huge mental health component,'” and “a ‘stronger move to understand the context of jobs, toxic co-workers, and the ramifications of massive layoffs.'”

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