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sleepyBBC News (10/21) reported, “Several studies have…shown that sleep is essential for memory function.” Now, a paper appearing in Nature reveals that University of Pennsylvania scientists have discovered that “sleep deprivation disturbed the molecular pathway in the part of the brain involved in memory and learning” — the hippocampus. And, mice suffering from a lack of sleep “had increased levels of the enzyme PDE4, and reduced levels of the molecule cAMP.”  According to WebMD (10/21, Hitti), cAMP “is involved in forming new memories.” But, after administering “rolipram, an experimental” medication “that blocks PDE4,” investigators noted that rodents “aced [a] memory test.” Although the researchers “aren’t recommending rolipram for sleep-deprived people,” they maintain that their work “shows that ‘it may be possible’ to make” medicines targeting “PDE4, and that such” medications “may prove useful in the treatment of the cognitive effects of sleep deprivation.”


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