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BBC News (5/1) reported that, according to a study published in the British Journal of Psychiatry, “drinking water which contains the element lithium may reduce the risk of suicide.” For the study, researchers from Japan’s Universities of Oita and Hiroshima “examined levels of lithium in drinking water and suicide rates in the prefecture of Oita, which has a population of more than one million,” and found that “the suicide rate was significantly lower in those areas with the highest levels of the element.” In fact, “even relatively low levels appeared to have a positive impact [on] suicide rates.” The team speculated that levels as low as “0.7 to 59 micrograms per liter” may provide “a cumulative protective effect on the brain from years of drinking this tap water.” But, while the authors “called for further research in other countries…they stopped short of any suggestion that lithium be added to drinking water.”


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