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Researchers say AD/HD may hamper teenagers’ efforts to drive.*

UPI (11/6) reports, “Researchers at Tel Aviv University in Israel caution
that attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (AD/HD) may hinder a
teenager’s effort to drive.” They suggest that “youth who fail their
drivers’ tests over and over may be suffering from AD/HD. Even if they
eventually pass these tests, they’re still more likely than others to become
involved in car accidents.” In addition, the researchers “devised a
therapist-supervised approach to retrain AD/HD teens on how to drive.”
Study indicates insomnia in some adults may be linked to neurochemical
UPI (11/5) reports, “US researchers say they have linked neurochemical
abnormalities to insomnia in young and middle-age adults,” according to a
study published in the journal Sleep. The investigators “used proton
magnetic resonance spectroscopy to non-invasively determine the 16
participants suffering insomnia for more than six months had 30 percent less
of the most common inhibiting transmitter in the brain — gamma-aminobutyric
acid (GABA) — than a well-matched control group.” The authors said that
“GABA decreases overall activity in many brain areas, helping the brain to
‘shut down,’ and point out that having a ‘racing mind’ and an inability to
shut down at night is a common complaint of people with primary insomnia.”

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