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Most patients against prescription switching without their knowledge or
physician’s approval, survey indicates.
HealthDay (11/6, Gardner) reported that the users of most prescription
medications “would be unhappy if one of their medications was switched to
another in the same class without their knowledge or their doctor’s
approval,” according to the Consumers’ Views on Therapeutic Substitution
survey. “Prescription switching is the practice of dispensing a different”
medication, “albeit one still in the same class of medications, as the”
medicine “originally prescribed.” For the survey, researchers “contacted
1,387 adults who had filled a prescription in the past year.” They found
that “70 percent of respondents said they would be ‘very’ or ‘extremely’
concerned if their prescription had been switched without their doctor’s
knowledge; 77 percent oppose the practice without doctor or patient
consent.” In addition, “one-third of those who said they or a family member
had experienced therapeutic substitution said the doctor had not been
consulted beforehand, while two-thirds said the family member was not

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