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Forbes (3/30, Herper) reported that statins “lost their position as the top-selling” medications “in the US last year, thanks to the fact that two top brands have lost patent protection and are being replaced by cheaper generics, according to industry consultants IMS Health.” Forbes noted, “With patents running out on old blockbusters and new medicines underperforming,” pharmaceutical “companies are losing the appetite to do the big studies of thousands of patients that have been a major scientific driver of the blockbuster age.” In addition, cholesterol medications “were replaced at the top of the US pharmaceutical sales charts by schizophrenia” medications, such as Zyprexa [olanzapine] from Eli Lilly and Seroquel [quetiapine] “from AstraZeneca. Antipsychotics are nearing patent expiry too, and they are controversy magnets.”

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