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In the Wall Street Journal (4/16) Health Blog, Jonathan D. Rockoff wrote that a new study from ZS Associates, a marketing consultant firm, found that pharmaceutical “reps don’t get in the door to see a doctor on 13 percent of their visits.” Jaideep Bajaj, managing director of sales and marketing consultants ZS Associates, said that the “18 million wasted sales calls each year suggest the extent of a physician backlash against pharma’s marketing push.” Two-billion dollars a year in salaries and expenses represent the cost of the wasted calls to pharmaceutical companies. The Health Blog added that “ZS Associates hasn’t been tracking the success rate for rep visits for very long but it’s clear that doctor access is getting squeezed for the” pharmaceutical-company “detailers.” Pharmaceutical companies, “most recently Johnson & Johnson and Pfizer before that, have reacted by slashing the number of sales reps.”

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