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226940The AP (6/3) reports that Clinical Data, Inc. said Tuesday “its depression drug vilazodone succeeded in a late stage clinical trial.” The company “said vilazodone significantly reduced the symptoms of major depression when compared to a sugar pill,” and “also reported positive trial results for vilazodone in September 2007.” Based on the “two studies, it plans to file for approval with Food and Drug Administration by the end of the year.” 
Dow Jones Newswires (6/3, Benoit) points out that the study showed “that the effects on sexual function from vilazodone were comparable to those on the placebo, which Clinical Data said is important given the tendency for antidepressants to inhibit sexual function.” In addition, “the study also showed high rates of some side-effects, including diarrhea and nausea.” It also “didn’t succeed in finding a biomarker — an important discovery analysts say may have given vilazodone an advantage in the overcrowded antidepressant market.” 
The medicine also was seen to reduce “depression on two rating scales among those who took it compared with a placebo, upholding earlier results,” Bloomberg News (6/3, Ziegler) adds. The Boston Business Journal (6/2) and the Boston Globe (6/3, Reidy) also covered the story.

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